HeartSafe Initiative

Gilroy Heart-Safe Community Initiative: Public Access Defibrillation/CPR Program

The Gilroy Heart-Safe Community Initiative is the City of Gilroy’s Public Access Defibrillation/CPR Program managed by the Gilroy Fire Department and in partnership with community-based organizations, local schools and businesses.


The Heart-Safe Community Initiative has one goal: to save more lives through public access defibrillation and early bystander CPR. The City of Gilroy’s main objective is to make Automated External Defibrillators (AED) accessible to as many public locations throughout the City as possible, and to train at least one-third of the community in CPR/AED.  The City of Gilroy has now identified more than 80 public access AEDs in place throughout the community, and trained over 2,000 residents in CPR.

An AED is an easy-to-use, automated device which delivers a life-saving electric shock to the heart that has stopped beating, commonly known as sudden cardiac arrest, and restores it to normal heart rhythm. AEDs are designed to be used by non-medical personnel, trained or untrained!  Reasons for public access AEDs and early CPR include:

  • More than 326,000 Americans die each year from sudden cardiac arrest in the out of hospital environment, which is the leading cause of death in the United States.
  • A person who suffers sudden cardiac arrest without public access AEDs and early CPR has less than a 6% chance of surviving.
  • With public access AEDs and a robust community CPR training program, survivability increases from 30% to 60% when an AED and used on a victim within three minutes from the onset of a cardiac arrest.

Please join the thousands of Gilroy community rescuer residents who have been trained in AED and CPR.  The Gilroy Fire Department, in partnership with the Gilroy Parks & Recreation, provides AED/CPR training every month.